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Rhino Ark UK

Rhino Ark UK is the sister charity of Rhino Ark Kenya, and works to support the ongoing conservation activity in East Africa. Our local operators work closely with the Kenyan team to submit grant applications, hold fundraising events and promote the cause in the United Kingdom.

We also handle donations for local teams taking part in the Rhino Charge annual off-road competition.

Fundraising & Promotional Activity

UK London Marathon

Every year our supporters raise funds by taking part in the London Marathon.

The date for 2023’s London Marathon is Sunday April, 23rd. To learn about how you can take part, contact Kit Kaberry

Road Shows

Rhino Ark UK regularly attends 3rd party events and activities to promote public engagement with our work.

Events and Activities attended by Rhino Ark UK:

  • Goodwood Festival 

Our Team

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Donate to rhino Ark UK to support our essential work preserving
the unique ecosystems of Kenya.

Supporters & Suppliers to Rhino Ark (UK)

– Goodwood Estate – Charity event entry tickets and support. Possible venue for a future event.

–  Britpart – Sponsors of Car 9 in the Rhino Charge and supporters of Rhino Ark UK with help at Goodwood Festival of Speed in the Britpart 4×4 Arena and elsewhere.

–  Ashcroft Transmissions – Sponsors of Car 9 and suppliers of parts to numerous Rhino Chargers

–  Firle Beacon & S3k group – and Provided free space for promotion of Rhino Ark at Firle Beacon Rally, Sprint and Classic Car event.

–  4×4 Expo – Donation of space to promote the Rhino Charge and Rhino Ark.

– Assignment Media – coverage of events and donation of space at 2023 shows including The Great British Land Rover Show

–  Gumtree 4×4 – Builders and sponsors of Car 9 and suppliers of parts to many Chargers.

–  JP Print and Packaging Solutions Ltd – Leaflets and information sheets

–  Ks-print company for banners , flyers & posters

–  MBC Badge Company for pin badges , key rings , medals etc

– Travel Africa magazine for all travel in the continent & article on RC & car no 9

–  Gigglepin 4×4 supplier of winches and other equipment to Chargers

–  Andis Communications as clearing house for runners in the London Marathon

–  Land Rover Owner International – reports and new items re Rhino Charge

–  Off Road Worldwide –  and Off Road Worldwide TV – Coverage of Rhino Charge and promotion of knowledge of the event worldwide.

–  Land Rover Monthly magazine – reports and new items re Rhino Charge

–  Alan Kidd editor of The Landy newspaper  and  4×4 magazine

–  Stephenson Harwood  Sponsors of Rhino Ark film, RAUK events and leading international solicitors in UK.

–  Billing Offroad Show invited us to their show in 2021 but we were unable to go in 2022

–  Stickers as give aways for us training centre invited us to an event they were sponsoring

–  Tactic Connect selected us as their charity of choice in 2021

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