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Our Approach

Rhino Ark takes a holistic approach to the conservation of mountain forest ecosystems that make up Kenya’s water towers.

Our approach is embodied in the philosophy “Humans in harmony with habitat and wildlife”, and propagated through effective partnerships with stakeholders.

At the core of our success is the support of our friends, whose donations make our work possible. Our work is anchored in three key values:

  • Protection of ecosystem integrity by fostering harmony between humans and wildlife;
  • Full engagement of and participation by local communities;
  • Formation of effective partnerships.

Our Strategy

We seek to create a ‘win-win’ equilibrium that balances the needs of local communities with the goal of protecting nature through:

  • Conservation of precious indigenous forests;
  • Creation of a sustainable and harmonious environment that enables people and wildlife to coexist;
  • Provision of sustainable programmes tailored to create income generation for forest edge communities as a way of encouraging them to support conservation;
  • Mobilization of local and international stakeholders to promote conservation;
  • Raising funds and other forms of support to provide for management requirements of the ecosystems;
  • Engagement of wider society, especially forest edge communities, in the management of the ecosystems through public-private partnerships;
  • Safeguarding against illegal exploitation of the ecosystems.

Our Achievement

If the current rate of deforestation continues, it will take less than 100 years to destroy all the rainforests on the earth.

454,500 Ha

Total Land Area
Of Ecosystem
Under Rhino Ark

710 Km

Of Electric Fence


Threatened Species Better Protected

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