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Global Ambassadors Programme

Increasing threats to Kenya’s critical forest ecosystems and their wildlife require corresponding conservation interventions. As a key player in Kenya’s conservation arena, we continue to maintain our legacy programmes while developing innovative solutions to emerging challenges facing Kenya’s important forests. The Rhino Ark’s Global Ambassador Programme is an important pillar of our international resource mobilization strategy

The goal of the Global Ambassadors is to promote Rhino Ark Kenya Charitable Trust overseas by raising awareness and funds towards the conservation work of the Charity.

Rhino Ark’s Global Ambassadors

Lucy Shepherd is a Professional Explorer.  In other words, she goes to the uncharted places of our planet, and document the many worlds she finds along the way.  She considers it her duty to open people’s eyes to the beautiful fragility of our planet, amplify the voices of climate advocates, and support sustainable enterprise.

She embarks on solo, team and world-first expeditions.  She films and writes about these to create uplifting and thought-provoking content to inspire the next generation of climate stewards and adventurers and lead guided adventures for inexperienced explorers.

To date, she has completed over twenty expeditions traversing mountain ranges, tropical rainforests and Arctic tundra.  She is also working on documentaries for Channel 4.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society (est. 1830), and the youngest ever elected council member of the Scientific Exploration Society (est. 1982). 

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