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Our Mission

To continue to be the trusted partner in advocating, developing and implementing high-impact forest, water catchments and endangered wildlife conservation initiatives that tangibly support adjacent local communities.

Securing a Future for the last 80 Mountain Bongo In the Wild

The mountain bongo (Tragelaphus eurycerus isaaci) is a critically endangered antelope only found in Kenya. This endemic is at home in the mountainous…

Human-Wildlife Conflict Intervention

“Two key reports produced demonstrate that the Mt Kenya electric fence and the Aberdares fence are both highly effective in tackling human-wildlife conflict…”

Our Achievement

Rhino Ark is concerned with the holistic approach in the conservation of mountain forest ecosystems that comprise Kenya water towers.

754 kilometres

Of electric fences built and maintained to date

172 fence attendants

Maintaining Rhino Ark electric fences around the clock

21 vehicles

Supporting Rhino Ark conservation work

85,000 households

Protected from human-wildlife conflict

184 schools

Providing conservation education

570,000 hectares

Of protected areas and water catchments better conserved

15 threatened species

(Mammals and birds) better protected

6 forest rehabilitation projects

On going

2 corridors

Established for wildlife

KES 2,125,848,917 ($ 14,115,862.60)

Total sponsorship raised by Rhino Charge teams in aid of Rhino Ark’s conservation projects.

KES 70,709,000 ($ 469,515.27)

Total funds raised in aid of Rhino Charge host communities’ projects.


Number Of Families Protected From Human-Wildlife Conflict

We are committed to doing what is necessary, to preserve rainforests, protect the climate, and uphold human rights.

Support Conservation

We welcome your kind donations to support our work. All of your contributions will help us achieve the construction of comprehensive game-proof electrified fences, the protection of endangered wildlife species, the conservation of our forests, and improved community livelihoods.

Aberdare Joint
Surveillance Unit

mountain bongo -sp

Protecting the Mountain Bongo

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