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Zach Okoth

Brief info

Public Relations Assistant Officer

Zach is a skilled Public Relations specialist with nearly 7 years of experience in fostering positive relationships between conservation organisations and the media. Zach has strong communication and presentation skills in delivering environmental and conservation campaigns, organising media releases, and writing media and social media reports for organisations.

Zach has a profound understanding of the importance of good publicity, especially when engaging with local communities. He understands the importance of reputation management, and timely responses to public relations enquiries in the development and success of Rhino Ark Kenya. He previously worked with Kenya Forest Service.

Zach holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Mass Media and Communication from Mt. Kenya University.

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From protecting endangered species like the Mountain Bongo to preserving their habitats, our rangers are on the front lines of wildlife conservation, making a huge difference in securing our mountain forest ecosystems.

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