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Adam Mwangi

Brief info

Fence & Community Manager in-charge of Aberdare-Mt Kenya Landscape

Adam has over 10 years of experience and a track record of working with the local communities around Aberdare and Mt. Kenya National Park and Forest Reserve. He has facilitated Rhino Ark's partnership to successfully build a 270 km conservation electric fence to mitigate human-wildlife conflict around Mt. Kenya. In addition, Adam has also championed replanting 100ha of the previously degraded sites with indigenous trees; a project that won an award in TotalEnergies EcoChallenge Challenge, a Kenyan tree-planting campaign.

Adam has a wide range of experience in the conservation of wildlife and Kenyan mountain forests; implementing practical solutions to wildlife conservation challenges and working with forest adjacent communities to develop mechanisms to sustainably use the natural resources.

He has also worked with the Bongo Surveillance Project (BSP), a Kenyan-based community initiative aimed at securing remnant subpopulations of the mountain bongo, a critically endangered forest-dwelling antelope at the verge of extinction, and endemic to Kenyan mountain forests.

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